By Jamey's House of Music (other events)

Friday, December 20 2019 8:00 PM 10:30 PM

David Mowry is the father of the father and son Roots Americana duo, sometimes quartet and sometimes quintet, Beaucoup Blue. It is no exageration to call David one of the hidden gems of American roots music, with musical beginnings in Woodstock playing alongside many of the biggest names in the industry. His terse playing and supple slidework on guitar are unmistakeable, and his gravelly voice is tinged with grunts and velvet overtones. David may be one of the finest musicians in the USA who has managed to fly under the radar for his entire career - largely due to his humility and desire to eschew the limelight and vacuous sirensong of the music biz.

He teams up with long time associates and stellar musicians Dale Melton of the Melton Brothers and keyboardist for Lili Anel, plus Bill Zinno, one of the premier bassists in the Philadelphia tri-state area. Dale is well known to fans for his explosive piano and organ work and trademark fedora hiding his face as he strides along the keyboard. Bill brings many years of professional performance on the double bass gained as an orchestral bassist and sideman for numerous popular music groups.

This show presents predominately original music that David has been, with the help of Dale and Bill, exploring for years and represents another side of David from the work he’s done with his son Adrian. These first rate veterans promise a night of music that will have the critics raving. It is about time for the music world to take note of this exceptionally fine player, and his able sidemen.