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Friday, May 4 2018 8:00 PM 11:00 PM

Sandi King and Joshua Taylor formed soul-blues band King Taylor Project in 2016 in San Diego, California. Sandi and Josh are joined by core members David Ryan “davyrockett” Norgren, Josh Weinstein, Jay Chu, and Eric Strickler, and supported by an extended family of incredible collaborators. KTP performs frequently around Southern California in multiple formats ranging from an electric trio to their full lineup. They tour and record independently, provide studio and live backing support for other artists, and host and produce The About!... Podcast, a comedic arts/entertainment show primarily featuring guests from the music industry.

Joshua Taylor grew up in Oklahoma City and first picked up the guitar at the age of 13. Thereafter self-taught, Josh spent several years of his early adulthood studying music in his spare time, poring over textbooks and publicly available college lectures, studying his favorite records, consulting remotely with professors, and scrutinizing performance videos of his favorite players. By day he meandered half-heartedly through several years in the Navy, flirtation with academia, and training as a marriage and family therapist.

After a few years as a part-time singer-songwriter, Josh got his first batch of tunes together and self-released his debut solo album, About Time, in 2015. The record invited collaborations that would later become the seed for King Taylor Project—Sandi King and KTP keyboardist Josh Weinstein both performed on the album.

Energetic, colorful, powerhouse vocalist Sandi King has been performing since she was ten years old. The daughter of a jazz trumpeter, Sandi grew up in San Diego singing in front of big bands and in school choirs and musicals. Though her adult life initially took her to cafés and service industry jobs, through culinary school and into the kitchen, Sandi nurtured her passion for singing by night, haunting karaoke joints in San Francisco and playing a major supporting role in a three-year run of indie rock opera, Abigail.

Sandi took a leap into full-time music in 2011 with her first project, Americana duo 22 Kings. She quickly learned the responsibilities of self-management and became a capable booker through extensive independent regional and national touring and local engagements. Her first project released two albums that included studio contributions from Ed Kornhauser, Peter Bolland, Ross Harper, Jodie Hill, Jesse Bowen, Sven-Erik Seaholm, and Delta Rae producer Alex Wong. The albums also featured Sandi’s first collaborations with her fiancé and KTP co-founder Joshua Taylor and KTP bassist davyrockett.