By Jamey's House of Music (other events)

Friday, March 2 2018 8:00 PM 11:00 PM

Kicking Down Doors sprung out of the original music composed by Autumn Walden and Ernie Tokay.

"In many ways, Philly-area country folk combo Kicking Down Doors got together by accident.Singer-lyricist Autumn Walden came across singer-guitarist Ernie Tokay at his Little Spiders Have Big Dreams Studio in Chester County. Before they’d even known each other for a day, they’d already written a song together. The two musicians clicked so readily and had such a productive streak of writing music together that the project quickly became a functioning band” remarked John Vettese of the Key Sessions on WXPN 88.5 FM.

"Once we acquired a dozen songs or so, we decided to take our new project out to the Philadelphia Folk Festival in 2013 to see how people would respond to our live music. We found that people really enjoyed our songs, and even more so, we got a real charge out of playing our original material! This year, we’re continuing the musical ride with some wonderful musicians like Stacy Weathers, Brian Flanagan, Steve Wheelock, and Vincent Feliciano! We don't feel constrained by genre. And many times, we don’t know how a song or project is going to come out until we complete it. We can produce a folk song, a blues tune, or a rocking number equally well as the mood calls for, and that’s truly exciting!"

Brenda comes from a rich background of traditional Irish music in Co. Meath. Growing up, there was plenty of music and dancing in her house - her father Noel plays banjo and her mother Lily was known to participate in the odd set dance. Younger siblings Emily and Paul also play fiddle and uilleann pipes.

Brenda has several All-Ireland Fleadh titles to her name both in solo and group competitions. She has just returned from a series of concerts in New York and is currently based in Dublin city centre where she regularly performs and teaches music. She is in the states for a year on a performer's visa with Mick Moloney and Green Fields of America. She'll be appearing with an amazing harpist and vocalist whose name is at present unknown.