By Jamey's House of Music (other events)

Saturday, February 1 2020 8:00 PM 10:30 PM

“I wrote this music to feel less alone” -Elsa Nilsson

Music is both a reaction to and an influence on its culture. The flute is her voice and on “Hindsight” Elsa Nilsson uses it to translate the language of movement politics. The band comes together to demonstrate their solidarity in this time with a unified vision of making their statement through music. This record imbibes the energy of Rock N Roll, the cadence of street protest, the visceral improvisations of Jazz and the compositional language of Classical music. The resulting sound reflects the urgency of her generation. A generation that is fully aware of their self destruction, and the rebellious disdain against the societal systems that allow this destruction to continue - our world through their reactions, their passions, and their emotions.

With Elsa Nilsson on flutes and compositions this versatile New York City band also includes guitarist Jeff McLaughlin, Bassist Alex Minier and drummer Cody Rahn. This album began with one song that Nilsson wrote the night after the 2016 election. As things kept spiralling in the world she was compelled to write more music. Whenever an issue that she cared about came to the front of our collective minds she wrote a song as her reaction. In bringing the music to the band and playing it live around New York City it grew beyond her and into a statement of solidarity and a call to action. This is Elsa’s, and her band's, truest form of resistance.