By Jamey's House of Music (other events)

Saturday, August 24 2019 8:00 PM 10:30 PM

The Blue Plate Specials have just joined legends Dibbs Preston and The Rockats; Charlie Gracie; and Robert Gordon on Lancaster, PA-based Lanark Records. The Blue Plate Specials recorded their first full- length album with the Lanark family in September, 2014, and it's a scorcher! BPS is a 5-piece Jump/Swing/Blues/Rockin'/Roots band with smokin' tunes and tight arrangements that hit the ground running, hold the corners, stop on a dime and give 9 cents change. When they hit the stage the party starts and the joint jumps until closing time.

Charlie does the songwriting and is out front with vocals and guitar. He loves to interact with the crowd and never fails to get them dancing and make them a part of the show. When The Blue Plate Specials serve it up, adult beverages is consumed, commandments is broke, babies is conceived and a rockin’ time is had by all.

The Blue Plate Specials are:

Charlie Frey - Guitar & Vocals

Walt Beier - Tenor & Baritone Saxes, Clarinet, Flute

Alan Sheltzer - Keys

Brad Haberle - Bass & Vocals

Larry Hinkel - Drums

Nerissa Wolfson - Vocals